Friday, November 11, 2016

To Write or Not to Write.....

For those of you wondering, this picture has a pretty big significance for me now.  I mean sure….it’s just a clip from an old episode of The Simpsons.  What possibly could the significance be?  

Well, for those of you that have been following me for the last year, you may already know.  For those of you that don’t, let’s do a quick recap.

You see, last December, I made a visit to RediCare due to an issue with my right eye.  It was hurting, and felt like there was something in it.  I told the doctor that I have had something similar happen before, and I had been told in the past that it was a cold in my eye.  They prescribed me an eye drop, and said come back in a week if it doesn’t get better.  
Well, a week later, on Christmas Day, I was unable to see at all.  I went back to RediCare, and they basically had no idea what to do.  They called the on call doctor at the Idaho Eye Center, and I met him over at their facility.  He could see that there was an issue, but it didn’t seem like he knew what was wrong, so he prescribed me another eyedrop, and asked me to come back in about a week.  

Fast forward to now.  It is almost a year later, and the only answer I can get is that I may have a form of something called Keratitis.  So my right eye looks red, swollen, and has scar tissue, which is permanent, and now I probably will not be ever to see clearly out of it again. Everything I see out of it is extremely blurry. For reference, check the pic above. This is how I see the world now.  Which sucks.  I have been on lots of medicine to try and clear it up, but it seems as soon as I stop taking the medicine, the symptoms come back.  

Now, why do I bring this up?  Well, one particular eye drop I was taking was causing me extreme headaches, which made me really not want to do anything, especially write.  That and the fact that I was feeling burned out and uninspired didn’t really help matters out any.

I mean, I have tons of ideas and things I want to work on, but I was always falling back to one of these things as an “excuse” to not do any writing.  

But then, I started thinking about things.  I started thinking about the wrestling writing project that my best friend Ken Stephens and I were working on.  I knew how much this project means to him, and the fact that I was not contributing made me feel awful.  I was letting my writing partner down, and I could not do that to him.  Plus, I had started getting new ideas that I was getting really excited about, and requests to help with other writing projects, started kicking me out of my funk.  

The most important thing however, is one of the best teachers I have ever had, Mr. Rob Morris.  An amazing author in his own right, he had an accident which severed the muscles and tendons in his hand, and even though it is extremely difficult, he still manages to continue writing.  So, if he can still keep on writing, why the hell can’t I?

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